Friday, September 16, 2011

Peach's Handmade Nursery

We had the most fun handcrafting the nursery for our little peachkitten. I've always wondered why people paint their nurseries in soft pastels when all the research I've read says bright colors are the most stimulating and help little eyes develop. Also, I thought these colors would work for a boy or a girl. Let's count the handmade items in your nursery, peachkitten:

1. See the flag bunting that hangs on your wall? 
 We made it out of scrapbook paper and string. Easy peasy.

2. See your changing table?
Friends Chris & Linda made it for you from scratch.
We made the pad & the curtain behind it.  
Oh and the balloon mobile over your changing table? Yeah, that too

3. See your glider?
We found that on craigs list and covered it with ikea fabric.

 4. Your cribsheet?

Handmade with love out of ikea fabric

5. Your mobile?
Well, we printed, cut out, assembled, and hung it. So yes, technically we made it.

Balloon mobile close-up!

Just love it.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Here's another baby gift. This time, we bought these adorable shoes from Gracious May's etsy shop
 And then included this onesie with the package.
 Happy birthday to Jayden Rae and congrats, Tina & Jason!
Shopping for little girls is sooo much fun.


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