Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet Airobella!

M eet Airobella! A small, round, and nice child, Airobella likes to decorate her walls with pictures from gardening magazines. She wants to be an astronaut when she grows up and has aspirations to grow vegetables on the moon some day. She also likes toast.

her inception, by Elle Mayer Creations
happy thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Handmade Wedding-Part 2

Welcome to the Handmade Wedding Part Two!
We spent so much time and energy on this event, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and were inspired. More than anything, we hope you came away with a sense of who we are. And although the entire event was about us, it wouldn't have been possible without the love and support of our family and friends.
So thank you.

This is a continuance. You can find Part One here.

I made these for our NOLA shower with patterned paper and velum.

Stamps found at a discount store + plain white napkins=
Personalized bev naps!

I upcycled/repurposed my old food cans by printing vintage labels from
the internet and modge podge-ing them
then my AMAZING florist stuck flowers in them
Seriously, how beautiful are his flowers?
I mean, be serious. How can something be THIS beautiful?

The southern dessert buffet was always a part of the wedding plans...
 The signs were designed in Illustrator and assembled WHILE I was packing for the hotel.
I diagrammed pretty much everything...
I am multi-tasker extraordinaire

 I even designed my own dang wedding cake...
Inspired by that red ribbon stripe cake seen in Part One's inspiration board #2

These cards, designed in Illustrator were tied to the Out of Town Gift Bags
 love 'em

Designed these in Illustrator...
Inserted into mini zip top bags with two Aleve capsules

The tie wrap & suspender sticker turned our "I will buy your ties & suspenders" into a gift!

 Our activity book made my friend cry because it was so "us". Here it is in case you missed it.


 All hand designed, assembled, drawn, by us at HFS.

We promised to entertain you...with board games!
and you will play
 and you will love them
They make christmas lights in green specifically so we could use 
the leaves from silk flower stems and make a garland for the ugly iron stair railing
I think it looked cute...

Diagram for front table
 I hope someone got a photo of it...
Photo table next to welcome table at entrance...I am a diagramaniac

This small folding book with picture instructions on how to tie a tie took me the better part of a week to design. Then I scrapped it because I couldn't get it to print on both sides correctly. Crappy home printer...

Not handmade, per se but wanted to share because Suzy aka Mama Juju
was reading tarot cards next to the voodoo station
she's so cool

Designed in Illustrator: the reserved signs for the ceremony chairs
seen here in action

This is where you sit

A gift for The Efferson's, I cut the tree brances out of foam core board, the leaves and background were really pretty textured paper.  Each leaf has a side is the Mayers, one side is the Efferon's
put them together and it makes a whole tree!

Oh yeah, we made the website!
It rocks

Set it up like this please

Let's talk briefly about the backdrop...which is another brainchild of mine

There are these really ugly stairs behind the curtain so I had to cover them somehow.
Isn't it much better than those ugly stairs?
Yes, it is.

Again, not handmade per se but Derek was playing the acoustic guitar on the porch as guests entered
so amazing to set the mood
Even my dress was handmade...well, hand altered. It began as my grandmother's dress in 1950-ish.
then became my mother's dress in 1979
I had the sleeves cut off and the top bodice and lace re-done.
My seamstress was fantastic
Our Thank-You Cards were inspired by online, photographed by Elizabeth and printed by Snapfish.

Again, thank you to all of our amazing vendors, family, friends, support team, cast and crew, and all of the brides who inspired us to create OUR wedding.

We can never repay you.


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