Monday, November 8, 2010

The Handmade Wedding-Part 1

Welcome to the Handmade Wedding Part One!
We spent so much time and energy on this event, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and were inspired. More than anything, we hope you came away with a sense of who we are. And although the entire event was about us, it wouldn't have been possible without the love and support of our family and friends.
So thank you.

Starting with our engagement announcement but continuing in random order

Photographed by Jason. Designed in Photoshop. Sent via email & web.

Our Save-the-Dates
Designed in Photoshop. Printed at home on printable magnet sheets found online at Sam's.

The STD envelopes hand-folded from leftover patterned paper
Envelope template found online. Address "labels" created in Word.
"Will You Be Our Bridesmaid?" Gifts
Handmade doll plushies personalized from the Black Apple Doll pattern
Another (late addition but one of the most valuable bridesmaids) dolly
Suzy by the Sea with kitty blobs
Our "Will You Be Our Groomsmen?" Gifts
Mini bottles of Crown Royal purchased locally, cigars bought online and cards, designed in Photoshop. Our junior groomsman received Hubig's pies.
Idea gathering inspiration board #1
Assembled in Photoshop
Hugely popular silk flower wrist corsages
Silk flowers, beads, ribbon, & hot glue
Boutonnieres for the gents, made with silk flowers, wire, floral tape, beads, yarn, etc.
And I still haven't learned how to spell that properly...
Felt ring pillow
Inspired by Llubav. 
Virtual groomsmen visualization. Never thought we would think this hard about the boy's attire.
Suspenders and ties researched extensively and purchased online
Our Voodoo Station
Voodoo dolls handmade with sticks, batting, tulle, yarn, & embroidered. I gave Suzy the dolls, bottles and idea and she manifested it perfectly. The Marie Laveau art is hand drawn in charcoal by the amazing Elsa. In case you missed the bottle labels, they each had significance.
Mayme is my paternal great grandmother, Algiers Point is our neighborhood. Peters is his maternal grandmothers maiden name, Parrot is my maternal grandmother's maiden name. Designed in Photoshop, printed & glued onto bottles.
There IS such a thing as good voodoo...
 Door hangers (part of the Out of Town Gift Bags)
Designed in Photoshop. Printed on glossy paper, cut & glued.
I made a couple special ones for us too...
Jason doesn't want to throw this one away :)
Hand designed and made Tri-fold Wedding Invitation featuring a perforated RSVP postcard.
Designed in Photoshop & Illustrator. Printed professionally. Assembled by hand
Jeanne made these amazing cake stands from flea market and thrift store plates and glasses
I designed these little dreams on Photoshop and my friend Bobby made them come true

Photoshop designed web invitation for Elsa

Inspiration board #2
assembled in Photoshop
Window Decal
Designed in Illustrator. Printed on clear decal paper

Bridesmaid newsletter
Designed in Word

Wedding Tee-Shirts. We made one for each member of the bridal party and our parents too.
Freezer paper stencil method.
The front of the shirt read their bridal party title, i.e. Maid of Honor, Groomsman, etc.
The back read the date underneath a fleur de lis.
Here's us modeling ours...I'm not doing a very good job though

We designed and printed a miniature pizza box template from heavy stock paper, covered it with pretty patterned paper and printed our rehearsal dinner guest's names on white vellum 

Inside, a handmade handkerchief with embroidered initial.
We measured, cut, hemmed, ironed and embroidered all thirty of these.
Here is proof. A mid-term status photo. My fingers were sore.
Martha Stewart rub-on decals found at a discount store were
the perfect addition to these handmade jewelry boxes.
Inside a golden fleur de lis pin purchased from a local jewelry maker. These served as our grandparent gifts.
Silk flowers and leaves cover these jewelry boxes that held handmade personalized earrings with green crystals and pearls.

I designed these labels for water bottles by ripping a label off one and scanning it in. I used that for the template and designed over it in Illustrator.
Printed them onto sticker paper and replaced the bottle label.

I designed these food signs in Photoshop using vintage wallpaper as the background pattern
Actually forgot this one (...I saw you Tina & Ana!!!!)

Here is the invite for the NOLA shower. Inspired by a vintage valentine I found online.
Designed in Illustrator, printed, cut and folded by us.

If I had chosen to do programs, they would have looked something like this...
Actually designed them in Illustrator, just decided against them at the last minute. No one ever reads them anyways!
This is only part one.
I will continue with part two tomorrow. 
Sweet dreams!

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  1. I love the things you made!!! I love that you used to much hand made stuff too!
    Do you think you might post a tutorial on how to make those hankies? I love the idea!



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