Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ribbon Badge & Tutorial

With shower number two looming, I made some fun paper ribbons.
Here's how I did it, and how you can to.

On your standard 12"X12" piece of scrapbook paper, cut a 1.5" strip on the bias (diagonal).

Fold and fold and fold until you can't fold anymore. Just back and forth. Easy peasy.

Now with your filthy glue gun (yes, it must be dirty!) glue the edges together, right sides out, forming a little circle.

Put a large glop of glue on a piece of paper.

Then you can flatten the circle onto the glop.

Then peel it off. It's ok if you take some "skin" with it. No one will see this.

et voila! zee front!

Cut two strips from a contrasting piece of paper. I cut a 1" X 12" strip, then cut that in half for two 1"X 6" strips. Then cut the triangles into the end by hand.

Glue strips together. Like this.

Glue your two pieces together.

Now with your handy dandy Martha Stewart circular cutting tool (Martha, call me. We can work out a placement deal.) Cut a 2" circle from another pretty contrasting paper.

Glue that baby on top.

To the computer! I printed these on white vellum.

Glue that baby on top.

Make more if you want. These just need a pin on the back and they will be ready to go!

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