Friday, January 14, 2011

My Brother Is Mean

 And this is what he does when you aren't looking

and in the spirit of photoshopping photos, we'd like to do a little retro tripping here with some of the photos we've had a great time manipulating.

we only play one song

what? i like mustaches

 mary loves tim riggins

i like to blaspheme

Hidden by The Rose

Me as cartoon

This band sucks

As Mayan Princess

Rainbow Sparkle Scarab Goddess

Baby with Prominent Eyebrows

I like bugs

Van & Halen Comeback Tour Flyer

I called these Teaser Flyers I think

Mother & Child

Space Cowboy's Ball

Southern Decadence '07 Flyer

Damn, I wish I could write this book
We love Oktoberfest

The Making of A Glamazon

J's imaginary photography studio


Debut Album Cover
The Glamazon

Faux Magazine Cover

Glamazon Training Camp

my mom

geez...when did i get any work done?

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