Monday, August 9, 2010

Nice to Meet You!

The story of Happy Family Studios starts in Atlanta, Georgia in 2002 with a cat named Penny Lane. Her friends and family, Abbey Road, Jude, Sadie & Grace join her for her wild and crazy adventures that lead her all the way down to New Orleans, Louisiana where she and her mom and dad, Greta & Jason Efferson live and love with a magical television that plays the X-Files all day long and a telephone that never stops ringing.
Penny was the HCBIC. Head Cat Bitch in Charge, despite our frequent attempts to dethrone her. The lone fire-crotch in a house full of darkies. The misunderstood, first-born, spoiled-rotten, guard cat. One minute she's swiping at you as you walk by, the next she's in your face, pressing her little wet nose to yours. My dancing, singing, parrot-like, tube sock wearing, nail painting, wine drinking best friend. We lost Penny in May of 2009 to advanced stage kidney cancer. Her legacy lies in these pages, her influence is all encompassing.
The studios are Greta's brainchild, purely imaginary and serve only to stroke her own ego, which, let's be frank doesn't need any more help.
Regardless, Greta loves to make things. Cats love to sit on them.
It's a match made in heaven.

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