Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pillow Buddy for Single Girls or Happy Birthday Suzy

My newly single friend's birthday was Saturday and right away I knew I wanted to make her something True Blood related. In case you don't know, True Blood is an HBO show and we're complete dorks for it. We've read the entire Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris. We gather every Sunday to eat sandwiches, watch "vampire porn", and paint our nails. So needless to say, she was automatically getting something True Blood related. In my preliminary research, I found this ridiculous photo:
He's going on a pillow.
In hindsight, I should have used the freezer paper through the printer method, instead of iron-on transfers but she was happy. And her squeals of delight are enough for us.

I also printed her out some True Blood Paper Dolls from Andy Swist to play with. Totally love Lafayette's glitter g-string! And inspired by his pumpkin carving stencils, I made a couple of team stencils to play with.
for Eric lovers, like Suzy
for Bill lovers, like myself

These never made it to their rightful place on a tee shirt. The True Blood logo is for the back of the shirt. I found the font here. Maybe for Christmas though...

Which team are you on?

Redeux Edit : 12/26/10

In making a redux because Suzy's cat Aurora is apparently also on Team Eric and has licked off a couple spots on the front of the pillow, I added this to the back.

I should make an Alcide pillow
 ....drool, Alcide.

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